Innovative Toilet Bowl Cleaner for Potty Training

Protect your overall health with this easy-to-use toilet bowl cleaner from Bowls Eye in Bixby, Oklahoma. This is also an excellent tool for potty training your child.
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Included in this product are three parts and the instruction manual. You do not need any installation tools as you just have to attach this onto any toilet bowl. We made our installation process as simple as possible for you, so all you have to do is just click and stick.
How to Use
After it has been installed, the Bowls Eye protects you from water and urine splashing. When the seat is raised, the Bowls Eye folds down into position, when the seat is lowered the Bowls Eye is raised out of the way.
One of the benefits of the Bowls Eye is it is self-cleaning. After each use, the water level will rise to clean the product. It also promotes hygiene and overall health. You can also have this customized, where you can have the following printed on the screen:
We are proud to say that the Bowls Eye is patented and there is no other product like it on the market. Those who have used this product find it favorable as it not only stops splashes from the toilet bowl, but also reduces the noises that it produces.

Bowls Eye comes with instructions on installation and adjustment. It is priced at $19.95, which includes shipping and handling.
You can get two Bowls Eyes for just $29.95.
Contact us today in Bixby, Oklahoma, to inquire about our toilet bowl cleaner for your kid’s potty training.
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